About us


                  We are here to make the best product for Your comfort!!!
Thank you for interest in our company! My name is Arina and i am the sole owner and manufacturer of the brand EVARI.
It all began years ago when i had to work hard very long draining hours as a waitress, chef and barista and also was hitting the gym on the daily basis. At that time i’ve realized how important for a woman to have comfortable underwear.
Synthetic material of some undies i used to wear was irritating my skin, some other brands were missing a gusset, some were too tight, some too lose..It was impossible to find what i like.Thats when i had an idea of creating my own underwear brand for active women who is always on the move and looking for perfect underwear for their busy days. We have gone a long way and fixed a lot of discrepancies we had at the begging: sized up to all American standards, made the back side longer, added more colors. We responded to our Customer’s needs and wishes and added New line from Spandex to our existing Cotton Line. We are always looking out for our Customers by creating High Quality product, that makes them feel comfortable and happy on any Regular Day and on the way to reach their goals and dreams.