About us



Thank you for the interest in my company! My name is Arina, and I am the sole owner and manufacturer of the Evari brand. It all started several years ago when I was working as a Waitress and Chef. On top of that hitting the gym every day was very important to me, and the long and strenuous hours on the move made me realize something. It's incredibly important to have a comfortable pair of underwear! 


At the time I was having all sorts of problems with other brands. Whether the synthetic material was irritating my skin, there was no gusset, or the fits were always too lose or too tight. I needed something that was comfortable and versatile for my active lifestyle. That's when I had the idea to just create my own underwear, and cut out the middle man. 


It's been a long journey over the past couple years building on this idea. I have strived to create something I can be proud of and have loved to hear from Customers on new ways to grow my business. I have added new colors, made adjustments to sizes, and even created new Cotton Lines to make sure there's a variety of options for everyone. My goal has always stayed the same though. I wanted to create something that you and I love to put on, and know will be comfortable the whole day.